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In the field of energy, we provide legal advice to producers, distributors, traders, suppliers, associations and end-users, especially in the areas of electricity, gas, heat and renewable energy sources.

Our services include, in particular, advising on price regulation, the correct implementation of the European legislation into the Slovak legislation and its application, the generation, supply and trading of utilities, the construction, purchase and sale of energy facilities and energy infrastructure, including the obtaining and maintenance of all permits.

We also cooperate with leading experts and consultants, whose experience include, inter alia, counseling to major energy companies, as well as handling the matters under the competence of ACER (REMIT) or Directorate-General for Energy in Brussels (DG Energy).

In the area of energy and energy projects, we were ranked as a recommended law firm by the prestigious Law Firm of the Year competition for 2019.

Our Experience

Joint venture of a Slovak crude oil transporter and a multinational refinery company

Preparing a comprehensive feasibility study of the construction of a new cross-border energy infrastructure between Slovakia and Austria. 

Major energy company

Comprehensive legal advice on the reconstruction and modernization of a cross-border energy infrastructure between Slovakia and Hungary. 

Multinational private equity group

Comprehensive legal due diligence audits of companies engaged in the generation of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources in connection with their planned and subsequently completed acquisition. 

Multinational producer of cement, concrete and other building materials

Multiple legal advice on various energy issues, primarily in connection with one’s own electricity generation in a so-called “island operation”, additional electricity generation from residual heat generated during cogeneration by ORC technology, and charges obligations. 

Central European furniture manufacturer

Legal advice on assessing the obligation to conduct an energy audit under the Energy Efficiency Act with regard to the European definition of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).